Gender Action: Initiator


Reflection, evaluation, and planning

Initiator level is all about:

  • Assessing the current picture

  • Outlining priorities

  • Making informed decisions

  • Consulting with others

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals

  • Considering how to measure impact

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Pinning down timeframes

To achieve Initiator level, you must first be registered as a Supporter, and then complete the following documents:

The Goal Setting template is to assess your current situation and plan out your priorities for 2019. You do not need to plan out all of your activities for all the Champion focus areas that you plan to do with Gender Action.

The Action Plan template is to outline your activity for a specific Champion focus area. This is where you list the specific activity which will lead to the change you want to see, as outlined in your goal setting template. For a given focus area, you may want to conduct one large project or several smaller projects.

When planning for a Champion focus area, we recommend looking at the overviews for each focus area, which demonstrate best practice, give examples of projects and suggestions on how to evidence your work.

For nurseries/schools/colleges who have been working in this area for a while, you may wish to submit evidence against more than one focus area.

It is important to remember throughout that to effectively challenge gender stereotypes, a whole-school approach is required. So in your planning, we want to see how activity is part of a wider plan for whole-school change.

Please submit your templates to If you have any further questions about your submissions, please feel free to email us.

2019 deadlines are for London schools only:

  • Our final deadline for this year has already passed.

  • All schools that have submitted their plans have now received feedback. If you have not received feedback, please email us at

  • Following feedback, the re-submission date for plans is Friday 12 July.We

We are currently planning out our deadlines for the next academic year.

Questions to consider

Here are some questions to consider whilst you are doing your Gender Action planning:

  • What will being part of the Gender Action award programme enable you to achieve? What specific cultural changes do you want to enable?

  • Which of the Champion areas might you start with? Have a look at the overview document for a recap!

  • What whole school policies and development planning could you audit and what changes could you make? (e.g. Equalities Policy, Behaviour Policy, Uniform Policy)

  • What challenges do you envisage within your school community when working on Gender Action projects? What approaches/messages could mitigate these?

  • What evidence will you collect to show that a change has taken place?

  • Who will be involved?

  • How will working towards this award contribute to whole-school/setting change?

Worked examples

Although these are in a slightly different format, here are some worked examples by teachers to show you what planning for a Gender Action project looks like. These examples should help you see what is expected of Initiator level planning: