Feeling 10% braver with #WomenEd

Gender Action were kindly invited to #WomenEd’s unconference at Regent High School in London., the day after International Women’s Day 2019. Vivienne Porritt, National Lead for #WomenEd spoke at our launch event in February and we were excited to attend a#WomenEd event in return. There were over 300 educators present as well as a series of facilitators conducting workshops throughout the day.

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Georgina Phillips
Gendered Language in Schools

We were delighted to run a workshop for primary school teachers at the Gender Action launch event last month, addressing gendered language in schools, why it matters and strategies for dealing with it.  We chose to address language as language runs through the heart of children’s learning about the world and – intended or otherwise – conveys profound and lasting messages to children about how they should look and behave, what they should aspire to, what and who they should play with. 

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AdviceCaren Gestetner
Win your school a session with a stereotype-smashing author!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting prize draw for Supporter schools who teach Key Stage 2, thanks to educational publishers, Collins. If you have registered as a Supporter and submit you Initiator plan by Friday 29 March 2019, your school can be entered into a prize draw to win a visit from Lisa Rajan, author of the Tara Binns books. This new series, within whole-school reading programme Collins Big Cat, explores STEM careers with a female protagonist.

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NewsGeorgina Phillips
Assessing the Problem

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Esther Mander and I delivered a session as part of the Gender Action launch in London.  It was fantastic to meet teachers who are so passionate and committed to achieving gender equality for young people.

In our session, we focused on how to start approaching gender imbalance in schools through using data.  Although this session was originally designed for secondary school staff, there were some key messages which were useful for early years and primary staff which I thought I would share with you through this blog post.

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AdviceSarah Cosgriff
Gender Action Teacher Launch Event Overview

On Saturday 9 February, Gender Action successfully launched its programme with teachers at City Hall.

The launch event opened with a keynote from the Director of UCL Institute of Education, Professor Becky Francis, who spoke about her extensive research in the field of gender and education. She highlighted the importance of considering intersectionality when trying to tackle gender stereotypes – considering how issues of gender intersect with issues around other forms of identity such as race, class and religion.

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Events, NewsGeorgina Phillips
Join us at the Gender Action Launch Event

We’re gearing up for our launch on Saturday and can’t wait to welcome 150 brilliant London educators to City Hall. The day will begin with a keynote from Professor Becky Francis, Director of the UCL Institute of Education.

The day will cover issues such as

- What effect do gender stereotypes and biases have on outcomes for young people?

- What can be done in different areas of nursery/school life?

- How can you understand where to start, and how to measure impact?

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Events, NewsBeth Bramley
Resources page now live

We now have a page which collects together reports, resources, data, and ideas. We want to grow this page so it’s a go-to for those working to tackle gender stereotyping in education. So be in touch with us @_Gender_Action or info@genderaction.co.uk with ideas of classroom resources, podcasts, must-follows on twitter etc. We know there’s loads we can house here!


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Advice, NewsBeth Bramley
Gender Action launches at Equal Play event

The capital will lead the way in championing gender equality in schools by funding a new Gender Action award. Developed by the Institute of Physics (IOP), King’s College London (KCL), UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and University Council of Modern Languages (UCML), the Gender Action award encourages the entire school to unite to challenge gender stereotypes by putting gender equality at the heart of all aspects of school life.

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Events, NewsBeth Bramley