Our Vision

Socially-constructed roles and responsibilities for men and women limit aspirations, cap potential, and are ultimately unfair and unjust.


There is undeniably gender imbalance in many areas of society. The gender imbalance in students’ subject choices in education is one manifestation of this. Whilst interventions which work with subject teachers on their teaching methods, or with students directly, can have a positive impact, this is limited by society’s implicit bias and gender stereotyping. It is only by tackling gender inequality at the whole-school level that a fundamental shift is possible.

Gender equality can’t progress without continued and sustained action. We know that when nurseries, schools and colleges work to challenge society’s biases they can have a positive impact.

Gender Action exists to transform school and nursery environments. There are no inherent differences between the genders that should limit anyone’s interests, capabilities or ambitions. Nurseries, schools and colleges can encourage young people to be individuals, and can be places where choices are free; not edited through a gender filter.

The award programme will promote and support a whole-school approach to challenging stereotypes. Tiered progression levels will put gender equality at the heart of policy and practice.

Our framework will support teachers and schools, practitioners and nurseries, to create a level playing field, with individuals working together for lasting cultural change.

By 2020, we hope to provide nurseries, schools and colleges across the UK and the Republic of Ireland with progressive recognition as they tackle the effects that gender stereotyping has on pupils in relation to subject and careers choices.

Thanks to support from the Mayor of London, we’ve commenced a Phase 1 roll-out in the capital – meaning nurseries, schools and colleges gaining Gender Action: Supporter recognition can progress through to Gender Action: Initiator, Gender Action: Champion and Gender Action: Beacon recognition levels.

Until a nationwide roll-out is possible, nurseries, schools and colleges outside Greater London can become Gender Action: Supporters. Support now to receive updates.

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