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Lessons learnt from the Gender Action Launch Event

I can’t believe it has been nearly two months since we launched Gender Action with teachers at City Hall. The event was exciting, not only as we got to hear from Professor Becky Francis, and educators and activists on our panel and leading our workshops, but also because we had such quality conversations with teachers and practitioners, from nurseries up to colleges. This was an enriching experience, and confirmed the need for Gender Action…

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Gender Action Teacher Launch Event Overview

On Saturday 9 February, Gender Action successfully launched its programme with teachers at City Hall.

The launch event opened with a keynote from the Director of UCL Institute of Education, Professor Becky Francis, who spoke about her extensive research in the field of gender and education. She highlighted the importance of considering intersectionality when trying to tackle gender stereotypes – considering how issues of gender intersect with issues around other forms of identity such as race, class and religion.

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Join us at the Gender Action Launch Event

We’re gearing up for our launch on Saturday and can’t wait to welcome 150 brilliant London educators to City Hall. The day will begin with a keynote from Professor Becky Francis, Director of the UCL Institute of Education.

The day will cover issues such as

- What effect do gender stereotypes and biases have on outcomes for young people?

- What can be done in different areas of nursery/school life?

- How can you understand where to start, and how to measure impact?

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Gender Action launches at Equal Play event

The capital will lead the way in championing gender equality in schools by funding a new Gender Action award. Developed by the Institute of Physics (IOP), King’s College London (KCL), UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and University Council of Modern Languages (UCML), the Gender Action award encourages the entire school to unite to challenge gender stereotypes by putting gender equality at the heart of all aspects of school life.

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