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If you like Gender Action content, following us on Twitter is the most effective way to stay up to date. Our Twitter is also a great place to find other people and organisations interested in challenging gender stereotypes.

We aim to post every weekday, and as well as engaging with current news and our followers, we also post some content regularly.

Monday - Shout outs to our Supporters

We like to showcase our Supporters, so each Monday we like to highlight the organisations, schools and nurseries that support Gender Action. We have a lists of our Supporter schools and Supporter organisations on Twitter so you can find out more about their work.

Wednesday - New website content

We regularly update our website and we like to keep you aware of those changes. We also have a blog with stories from us here at Gender Action and from others from our community, which help discuss our experiences and understanding.

If there is anything you think is missing from our site that you think would be useful for us to share, please let us know at

Thursday - Resource from our library

We have an ever-growing library of resources, for early-years through to secondary, and beyond. On a Thursday, we like to share some of this great content.

Again if there is anything you think we should be including, let us know at

Friday - Videos

After a long week of challenging gender stereotypes, on Fridays we share thought-provoking videos we have found, which you can use to widen your own knowledge, challenge your ideas and share with others.

Georgina Phillips