The Winner of our Collins Competition

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our prize draw for Supporter schools who teach Key Stage 2, thanks to educational publishers, Collins. The winner is….

Queen’s Park Primary School!

The prize was to win a visit from Lisa Rajan, author of the Tara Binns books. This new series, within whole-school reading programme Collins Big Cat, explores STEM careers with a female protagonist.

Filled with exciting fast paced adventures, each book explores a different STEM career through the eyes of Tara and her friends. Tara is transported into another world based upon the uniforms in her dressing-up box. The books present a positive female role model, broaden horizons and promote the benefits of gender parity in the working world.

The author Lisa Rajan is a scientist herself: she has a BSc in Biotechnology and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College. She has worked in scientific research, scientific publishing and medical copywriting, and was previously an elected member on Southwark Council.


Queen’s Park Primary School will receive:

  • A visit from Lisa Rajan including an engaging and interactive session for the children which involves reading one of her books, the children dressing up in some of the costumes for the careers featured in the books and discussing jobs.

  • Six signed copies of the following Collins Big Cat Tara Binns books: High-Flying Pilot, Double-Quick Doctor and Big Idea Engineer.

The books are geared towards the Key Stage 2 curriculum which is why this prize draw is limited to schools with Key Stage 2 pupils. We plan to have similar opportunities for early years, secondary schools and further education colleges, throughout the coming year.

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