Gender Action: Initiator


Reflection, evaluation, and planning

Initiator level is about assessing the current picture. Setting realistic and achievable priorities for the year. Considering how you can measure impact.

We’ll let you know when the planning forms you’ll need to submit are live.

2019 deadlines for London:

  • Early bird submissions Friday 15th March - to be entered into a prize draw for some brilliant workshops (details to follow)

  • Initiator full deadline is Friday 24 May


Our final Initiator planning tools will launch very soon. In the meantime, take a look at these questions. You’ll have a head start in structuring your thinking and planning:

  • What will being part of the Gender Action award programme enable you to achieve? What specific cultural changes do you want to enable?

  • Which of the Champion areas might you start with? Have a look at the overview document for a recap!

  • What whole school policies and development planning could you audit and what changes could you make? (e.g. Equalities Policy, Behaviour Policy, Uniform Policy)

  • What challenges do you envisage within your school community when working on Gender Action projects? What approaches/messages could mitigate these?

  • What evidence will you collect to show that a change has taken place?

  • Who will be involved?

  • How will working towards this award contribute to whole-school/setting change?